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This award will be presented at the annual conference to a  highly qualified professional exhibiting the following criteria.


  • 1. Current membership in good standing (or if retired, past member) of MACRT or another related professional organization, or extensive experience as a rehabilitation teacher. Preference will be given to MACRT members.
  • 2. Blind or visually impaired individuals have significantly benefited from the direct efforts of the nominee.
  • 3. A commitment to the advancement of professionalism among those in the field of blindness.
  • 4. A commitment to enhance the quality of services to blind or visually impaired persons.
  • 5. A commitment to improve access to educational or rehabilitation services by all eligible blind or visually impaired persons.
  • 6. A commitment to remove all barriers that might preclude the attainment of an individual's personal, vocational, or independent living goals.
  • 7. A commitment to expand their own base of knowledge in order to improve their ability to provide rehabilitation teaching services to blind or visually impaired persons.
  • 8. A commitment to provide public information in an effort to dispel stereotypical images on the capacities of blind persons.
  • 9. Awards will not be presented more than two years after a nominee's death.
  • 10. Nominations must be made by a MACRT member.


In the event that a member of the awards committee is nominated for the Charlyn Allen award, the current MACRT president or his/her designate will act as a member of the awards committee for that particular award.  A nominee for an award may continue to serve on the awards committee but will not be involved in the evaluation of an award for which he/she is in contention.


The most recent recipient of the Charlyn Allen award will be invited to be a part of the awards committee.  One other MACRT member will also serve on the committee.  The MACRT president or his/her appointee will participate in the event of a tie.

Nominations are due by October 1st of each year.

Revised September, 2013



Send nominations for the 2014 Charlyn Allen award to


Anyone in the rehabilitation teaching or administration field who has shown dedication, creativity and exemplary service is eligible.